If this blog in some way heals your wounds, gives you hope, feeds your meditations, ignites spiritual intuitions from deep within you, or inspires you to be more loving, it will truly have been worth its creation.

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                                                                         Mary Ann & George Johnston


Mary Ann Johnston - Author, Healer, and Occupational Therapist - lived in the Clear Light Community at Song of the Morning Retreat in northern Lower Michigan for 16 years. In 2016 she and her husband, George, moved to the beautiful, small village of Onekama near Lake Michigan and there attend the First Congregational Church. She assists the pastor in Healing Prayer Services the first Sunday of each month and is the chair-person for the Pastoral Care Ministry. Together with volunteers they insure that visitations, communication, and building community are sustained.  

In 1992, Mary Ann was made aware of having a gift for spiritual healing and began integrating it into her personal life and occupational therapy work. At first she relied only on Jesus and the Holy Spirit for guidance in the healing of others, then after two years, Jesus encouraged her to study various healing modalities. She now holds numerous certificates in Healing Touch, Reiki, Advanced Aura/Energy Balancing, Chakra Energy Work, CranioSacral Therapy, Hopi Indian techniques, and other modalities.

In her books, Mary Ann describes many instances when, as a child and throughout her life, Jesus appeared to her and gave her encouragement, protection and guidance through His presence and heart-talk. Their relationship could be described as an expanded state of consciousness that was personal and loving. 

In 2002, after she and George were married and living at Song of the Morning Retreat, Jesus appeared to her and told her she was to write books to share her experiences and His words with others. From that point on, Mary Ann’s relationship with Jesus changed, for they began to discuss matters that concern all of us in today's world, no longer just about her. She has faithfully recorded her realizations and His messages in her books. 

Words cannot fully convey the beauty and glory of God, but the way she describes divine realities with poetic expression helps us to conceive of them, and through her, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have given us guidance, wisdom, and hope at a time of increasing spiritual awareness and transformation.

George Johnston graduated from Yale University in 1956, where he majored in philosophy hoping to find truth and deeper meaning in life. But it was not until six years later when he encountered the sacred science of yoga, which unlike speculative philosophy is based on spiritual experience, that he found what he was seeking, and it was far more than he imagined.

In 1962, having felt the benefits of some hatha yoga poses he learned from a book and still searching for truth, George began to attend meditations at the Detroit Art Institute led by Yogacharya Oliver, a direct disciple of Yogananda. He read Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi, feeling his love and absorbing his wisdom and through meditation, his teachings and attunement with him began to discover the inner kingdom of peace, love, light and joy that Jesus spoke of. Having found practices and truths that lead to better health, inner contentment and spiritual fulfillment, George began to teach the sacred science of yoga, lead meditations, and teach hatha yoga, which he has done for over fifty years.

In 1996, George retired and moved to Vanderbilt, Michigan to be able to live close to nature and meditate with others at Song of the Morning. He met Mary Ann there when she came for a retreat. They fell in love and were married in 2000. Two years later, Jesus, accompanied by four other masters, appeared to Mary Ann in ethereal light and form and, while mentally conversing with her, told her she should write books, sharing her experiences and their messages. Over a period of several years he answered her questions and gave her much truth, inspiration and guidance for humanity, which she has recorded in her books.

By studying Yogananda’s writings and Jesus’ new teachings, the true meaning of Jesus’ words spoken two thousand years ago, John’s words in the prologue of his gospel, and the teachings of other saviors becomes apparent, and misconceptions that in the past have caused disunity between different religions and even war are dispelled. George hopes that followers of various spiritual and religious paths will study Jesus’ new teachings, come to understand and accept them, and that the creeds and beliefs of various religions will eventually be modified to more accurately reflect reality and thus shine as individual facets of the one diamond of universal truth. 

George has written an ebook, Spiritual Teachings for Our Times. It presents spiritual truths and a world-view and way of life that are based on Jesus’ new teachings and the sacred science of yoga. For information about his book, which is free, click on "Book Excerpts."    

Spiritual Teachings for Our Times is published through Smashwords as a free ebook. To download it go to:  http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/georgejohnston