THAT HEAVEN  (Chapter Eight) End Times

SUSTAINED BY FAITH (Chapter Nine) A Different Way of Being

SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS FOR OUR TIMES (synopsis) by George Johnston


Jesus' insights on WAR:

"To start with, all weapons of mass destruction in all countries must be contained and destroyed: biological, nuclear, genetic. I'm not talking only about countries that are deemed dangerous. I am talking about all countries. You must stem the tide that could wipe out humanity. There is too much at stake."

"Do you mean to render a country defenseless!?"

"If all were to live in love, there would be no need to defend. There is presently a momentum of war and terrorism that has to be stopped. Eradicating the means to defend, within all countries and especially those that are threatening the world with terrorism, is the most humane way to end war. If mankind, working together as one under a whole-world order, cannot eliminate war and terrorism, the world as you know it will remain in this cycle forever.

"Work for peace and non-violence with all mankind. Pray for world peace in all of your prayers. Human life is precious. True power lies in the power of love, not in weapons.

"Does it make sense that whole nations are killing each other over religion, greed and power? Listen carefully to what I say . . . all religions must be based on love toward all mankind, or they simply are not a religion. Religions that support vengeance, malice, or prejudice are not godly. Countries that give rise to war have war within their boundaries. Countries and religions that break with terror grow in peace. True freedom and true equality are determined according to God's law, not the law of fanatic religious leaders or the greedy."

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Suddenly, as if urgency was needed, I could sense Yogananda becoming serious and thoughtful.

“There is too much focus on the fatalistic mind thought of some of humanity in regard to end times, which only serves to increase fear and negative energy on earth. Fear of the unknown often dulls common sense.” 

After thinking on this I said to Yogananda, “We seem to be witnessing the last of a civilization that may very well disappear under the bulldozers of unloving pursuit of wealth and power. Despite the assurances of our leaders, it appears that much of what is taking place globally is beyond their control.”

Yogananda laid this in my heavy heart, “Replacing the divinity of self with fear, a downward spiral ensues within the mind and actions of man. Global economics, advancing bacteria, infestations of insects, pestilence, environmental damage, water scarcity, power grid failures, politics, famine, joblessness, cyber-suppression, fear-mongers, terrorism, war, transitional governments, and more, are troublesome and are a threat to civilization. 

“I sense your concern for encroaching darkness. All the difficulties Mother Earth and its inhabitants are facing are penetrating everybody’s life. Side-by-side, the dark and the light are speeding up, with chaos intensifying in parallel to an awakening in love and God.”

“How can we prepare for such enormity?”

“Set forth a plan for emergencies. Don’t allow yourself to hold the consciousness of negativity, for it only adds darkness to your environment and your soul. 

“Be loving today, so it becomes a loving past tomorrow. Thus consequences from mistakes will not be carried forth. Increase the light with love for all, for the enormity lies not only in the darkness but in the worldwide, winning light of those awakening in God. 

“You are not experiencing the end of Mother Earth, only change, for there has always been change. Mother Earth’s natural, cyclical changes—which often generate excessive wind, water and fire conditions—along with man-made environmental disasters evident in the warming of the earth and air pollution, are all a part of earth’s changes. Civilizations have come and gone, like the cycles of creation, but God is forever.

“Everything mankind does or says has an effect on the world. By casting a net filled with good intentions and pouring love and light—as from out of a crescent moon—upon the world to promote love, health, harmony, peace, empowerment, and responsible leadership for all, you will allow universal truth to shine its way into all hearts. Act on that thought. 

“You are blessed to be living through this vital time in history. The Clear Light Community you live in has the opportunity to be an epitome of ‘World Brotherhood Colonies’—to live in harmony and love, to be self-sufficient, to give hope to others even in the midst of scarcity, suffering and uncertainties.

“Further, enlightenment lies within all people. When your life is full of God expression, you evolve upward with each incarnation, and in due course you will reach the final resting place in God.”

I waited in stillness for more. There seemed to be no breath in me—cut off for an eternal moment.

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Jesus' reflections: on LOVE

“Until you can realize and grow in the love that you are, your awareness will be contained within the dualistic realm. Ah . . . if each person could live in love, they would realize that Heaven on Earth is a breath away, and dualistic perceptions would begin to fall to the wayside, as snow falling quietly to the ground.

 “Brave Heart, you have chosen to give of yourself, as love and compassion, to others. Your mission has barely begun.”

Suddenly I felt a seriousness within my heart, and I sensed the same seriousness in Jesus’ face. He stopped and grew quiet. I wanted to reach up and touch His face. But I waited—subdued by His expression—then, slowly, as if He wanted to make sure His words were understood correctly, He said,

“All that I say, I say for all mankind. Think about a time when you felt deep love toward someone. . . . Stop a moment and think about how it felt. . . . . That very act of giving love was a giving of your self as love. . . . In that moment, you opened your heart and experienced the love that you are. . . and, within that giving, loving feeling. . . even if for only a moment . . . you became at one with another. . . . You experienced heaven on earth.

“Imbibe your self as love—within the sick and the vengeful . . . the earth . . . the air—with healing, peaceful thoughts. For your whole world needs love and peace.

“And, when you learn to love yourself, you will come to know yourself as love . . . and healing happens even for you . . . within your whole being as body, mind and spirit.”

And now, several years after this beautiful communion with Jesus, while rereading His loving words, they cause me to close in upon myself. Holding myself in a hug, I try to imagine loving myself. Waiting, in my self-embrace, I feel nothing. I bend over to rest my head on my desk, still embracing myself. Still nothing. A deep breath seems to take over and I let out a long sigh, finally able to let go of trying so hard.

Slowly, on an intake of breath, I feel the warmth of unconditional love—flowing like a river—spreading everywhere within me. And I bathe a while in the depth of this bliss bath of love.

Suddenly, in a vision, I see terrorists everywhere, and I ask Jesus for protection as I merge into them. We cannot tell each other apart. There is no fear, no sorrow, and no judgment. I feel only love, and in the vision, we are enveloped in love and changed, terrorists and me alike. And time passes, gently. . . .

Then, I am made aware of Jesus’ comforting presence. He has such a silence about him that I suddenly realize I cannot hear Him breathing and can’t remember if I ever have.

He slowly whispers, with great feeling, so I cannot miss the significance of what He is saying, “I do not speak of love in complex, dualistic terms. I speak only of simple, unadulterated, non-dual love. Everyone has this pure love within, none other in my eyes. Love is God and God is Love.

“Your world needs this love revealed. I cannot express in human terms how important it is at this time, for you could not tolerate its immensity. Just remember. . . with love, nothing is impossible.”

I have to stop here. It is more than I can bear, to hear Jesus so adamantly displaying His concern in an emotional whisper. It is more powerful than if He shouted.

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by George Johnston

In this book you will find truths taught by saviors, saints and sages that will be new to most people living in the West. They are based on experience rather than conjecture, and they expand our understanding of spiritual reality. They show us that in essence we are perfect, created in the image of God, and how to penetrate the veil that keeps us from experiencing the light and love within us. The teachings in this book will help you to love yourself and others, learning from your mistakes and forgiving your own and others’ errors in the past. You will find techniques that relax the nervous system, calm the mind and facilitate meditation, constructive ways of thinking that will help you find peace, joy and contentment within, and many suggestions for improving physical well-being.

Spiritual Teachings for Our Times begins by describing the nature of the Self—the immortal essence of the soul—and God. It then presents considerable information on the principles, practices and benefits of the sacred science of yoga, which the author wrote for a college course in yoga that he taught for many years. Next there are articles that explain some of the disciplines and meditation techniques of yoga, and first-hand accounts of how the yoga teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and the postures of hatha yoga were introduced to a wider audience in Michigan in the 1960s.

Following this, you will find articles on intuition, the power of love, the origin of the ego, free will, the meaning of the Garden of Eden story, communicating with beings in spirit, prophecy, the return of Jesus, and many other spiritual subjects, and then evaluations of some current metaphysical teachings.

In addition to ancient teachings from the East, this book includes new teachings about love, oneness, the ego and duality that have been given to us by Jesus in our time through those he has chosen to receive and publish his words. Two thousand years ago, very few would have been able to understand oneness, but today human consciousness is more developed, and more people can grasp its meaning. Jesus' new teachings are a great blessing. They fill in the gaps in our current understanding of life and are not only for Christians but for all who seek truth.

Spiritual Teachings for Our Times is published through Smashwords as a free ebook.       To download it: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/georgejohnston